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What is laser blended vision (Presbyond)?


Jun 16, 2020

Is Laser Blended Vision right for you?

Presbyond laser blended vision is a treatment for people who have age-related need for reading glasses, known as presbyopia. As we age the natural lens inside our eye loses its flexibility, resulting in loss of the ability for near focusing. The effects of this are usually seen after the age of 40.

Laser Blended Vision is especially well suited for people with a very busy and active lifestyle who often find that reading glasses are not convenient enough.

Laser Blended Vision is effective for treating patients with presbyopia who also have other refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia or/and astigmatism.

In order to find out if Laser Vision Correction is right for you, your personal vision requirements and expectations are important factors. That is why you will have to answer questions about your hobbies, your daily activities and other aspects that might affect the decision.

As Laser Blended Vision is customized for each patient, you will also have to undergo a detailed eye examination. The nature and degree of your refractive error(s), curvature and thickness of the cornea, as well as many other factors play a role. Your tolerance level for monovision and ocular dominance will also be tested.

We will then personally advise you as to whether a treatment with Laser Blended Vision is right for you.


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